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Stilling the Mind

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August 12th, 2014 Posted 11:21 pm

We have talked about the benefits of meditation for stilling the mind. You may have already established your meditative practice. If not, or if you would like to expand your knowledge, a good starting point is Wikipedia: . You can use this as a springboard to other material. A good source for daily quotes for meditation is Daily Om: . There is an overabundance of material online, in libraries, and in bookstores. The only additional requirement is a desire to grow. We will look at meditation again another day.

The human mind is capable of constant chatter, also known as “monkey brain”. We can quell some of this activity with the mental discipline and new insights of meditation. However, daily life on this planet can be full of emotional pain and multiple frustrations. These emotions need a safe release at an appropriate time so they don’t surface when you need your mind clear. How can we let go of them without being unduly vulnerable or hurting others?  Here is one suggestion.

About ten years ago I discovered the wonderful work of Julia Cameron, the author of The Artists Way A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity, and numerous other books. She sees art as a spiritual transaction, and artists as sensitive, special souls. Let’s remember that artistic gifting originates in the right side of the brain, the same side as intuitive gifts and meditative insights. Why should it be a surprise that Julia’s techniques for artists also work for spiritual seekers?

One of Julia’s pivotal tools in releasing artists’ creative blocks is the Morning Pages. The Morning Pages are three pages of longhand writing, strictly from stream-of-consciousness: “Oh gawsh another morning, there is nothing to say, I had no time to do laundry, I’m sick and tired of being so busy, I hate my job, blah, blah, blah.” You get the idea.

Initially you may find yourself writing mundane thoughts interspersed with anger. Yet occasionally flashes of pain from the past will spring to your mind spontaneously. For example, “My eighth grade teacher said I was a terrible writer. I am still angry! I just remembered!” Each time a spontaneous thought comes forward you will be healed just a bit. Your mind will be a little clearer, a little less full of pain and dross.  Eventually you will find stillness of mind, “the peace that passes all understanding”. There is no greater gift.


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