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Minister, Medium, Clairvoyant, Business Psychic, Medical Intuitive and Animal Intuitive

The Innocence of a Child

Child Walking In Woods To Glowing Red Door

Grandpa was telling Grandma about his good friend Tom, who had recently collapsed dead from a heart attack days before his forty-fifth birthday. “It’s not fair, Daisy, he barely had a chance to live!” I was only eight years old, but not known for my ability to keep quiet.  I interrupted, “But Grandpa, he will go to heaven! It’s nice there! Why isn’t it fair?”

“Maybe he doesn’t go anywhere, Sheila. Maybe he’s just dead. We just have a little while. Then we stop.”

“No, he has to! He has to be somewhere!” An uneasy thought crept into my mind. “Where was he before he was born?”

“What are you saying, child? He wasn’t anywhere! Nobody is!”

“NO, NO, NO, it can’t be! That’s not right! He had to be somewhere! I’m mad at you!” I burst into tears and fled the room. I was upset for several days after that exchange with my grandfather. Grandpa’s ideas made no sense at all. He was supposed to know all about life, and he was wrong!

I was a strong willed little girl, but I knew I was right. Our souls are eternal. I believe this with all my heart.  Would you like to learn more?  I would like to talk to you.


Scientists will tell you we have five senses.  Assuming we are not physically challenged, we can see, hear, feel, taste and touch.  They tell us if we think we can do anything other than that, we are imagining it.  I am here to tell you there is a sixth sense, commonly called extra-sensory perception, psychic ability or intuition.  It is generally accepted that animals have intuition.  So do we!

Mediums are a type of psychic who can also communicate with the spirit world.  Instead of just getting impressions from this world, we can receive impressions from the other dimensions, the eternal world where our deceased loved ones reside.  I am a medium.  I have taken my natural abilities further with extensive training and practice.  I would love to help you reach your dear ones on the other side.  They want the opportunity to communicate with you.  Let’s get in touch soon.

Disclaimer: Readings are for entertainment purposes only. Although many clients find spiritual readings very helpful in many ways, they are a supplement, not a substitute for professional services from competent practitioners in the fields of medicine, law, psychiatry and accounting. Seek professional advice when necessary.

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